Hi, my name is Danny Heerlein.  Welcome to heerlein.com!


As a major of the german army and a software engeneer, i am especially interested in military programming.


After beeing deployed as a data analyst in the NATO Headquarter in Brussels for 3 years,

i joined the Master of Science program (Operations Research) of the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. 


Today i am deployed as an Operations Research Specialist in Afghanistan - Regional Command North.


During my work and my studies the two topics, that are most relevant for me always were:

  • Programming software to counter improvised explosive device (IED)

  • Developing Digital Strategic Wargames 


This website was created to share all relevant information of my work and to support an exchange of informations and oppinions. 

For further information i would like to invite you to my LinkedIn Profil:


 Profil of Danny Heerlein @ LinkedIn



Please feel free to contact me any time!


Danny Heerlein